Nicole Kauerauf – Painter (Water Colours)

29 May

My love for water colours was instilled at an early age. I was 12 when I started taking lessons with Susan Orpen on a Saturday afternoon. She is my biggest inspiration and to this day, a  great friend.

I exhibited at Norscott Manor when I was 15 but my parents didn’t want the piece to be sold so put an exorbitant price on it!

My BA Fine Art at UKZN in Pietermaritzburg followed, majoring in Painting. I was awarded a full scholarship to study at Kansai Gaidai University in Hirakatashi (Japan) for my second year. It has influenced my paintings very clearly. Their style of painting is called Sumi-E and deals a lot with ‘perfection of the first brushstroke’ as well as suggestive and linear impressions.

A gap year, after my degree, saw a move to Clarens to experience South Africa’s Art mecca.

Demonstrating painting on the street each day taught me a lot about life and people and before I knew it I was asked to decorate an Organic Oil shop, which I then later managed, and sold my art from there. I had the opportunity to work alongside Peter Engblom, author of the notorious book ‘Zulu Sushi’.

I exhibited in Clarens but it was not as successful as I had hoped… I guess my work is not brightly coloured enough for the general taste up there as I prefer a more earthy palette.

Since moving back to Nottingham Road I have mainly been doing commission work and hosting workshops.

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